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Ask and you shall recieve an answer if nothing else.

My life has calmed so much in the last few weeks. I recently moved and now live alone in a studio apartment. It’s adorable. I’ve lived alone one other time when I was 21 but I was different then. More … Continue reading

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I have an appointment with my psych in 20 minutes. I’m waiting outside in my car. I’m nervous. I stopped taking medicine the last two months and have been using cbd as needed for sleep and anxiety. I feel natural … Continue reading

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I am more than enough.

I have “I am enough” written on all my mirrors, for the last 9 months or so, to train my thoughts to be more positive. Today while unpacking I noticed that my brother had added to it. Means so much … Continue reading

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I think one of the major challenges not only for someone with bipolar disorder but anyone in life is the fact that we judge ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts and our own opinions. It’s hard to be comfortable with who … Continue reading

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