Ask and you shall recieve an answer if nothing else.

My life has calmed so much in the last few weeks. I recently moved and now live alone in a studio apartment. It’s adorable. I’ve lived alone one other time when I was 21 but I was different then. More anxious. I couldn’t handle the time I had on my hands back then. I felt like I was watching the minutes pass like molasses in a fortress I had built to keep me safe from others. I’m 27 now and I feel like I’ve created a nest, a home, a piece of my heart. A place where I am comfortable alone and comfortable with others. I don’t feel walled off from the world. I feel connected to myself and the world alike. I believe deeply in the power of positivity. I, only a few short months ago, watched videos about the law of attraction. I began thinking about what I wanted out of life and planning and thinking positively about it. It seemed to make everything crumble around me. I thought I would end up in another cycle but through it crashing down, my life has become exactly what I had wished it to be. I feel a stillness inside of me that I had longed to achieve most of my life. I feel a quiet confidence. Assurity in myself and the world to help me create my inner dreams into reality. I had most of my life looked at everything through the lens of fear, I based all my decisions on what would go wrong and made small insignificant progress toward the life I really wanted. Now I look at everything through the lens of positivity and what could go right. My decisions now lead me to the life I want, not the life I can settle for. I felt discouraged and naive at first to believe I could have what I want. I remind myself now that there is enough good in this world, there is enough laughter and happiness, there is enough joy, there is enough peace and kindness. There is enough for me to have all that I need and more. I have every right to it as anyone else. We just have to believe we deserve the good in life, it is always there to be had.


About lifewithbipolardisorderweb

I am a free-spirit, minimalist, and loner. INFP, Pisces, Ennegram 4.
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