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Ask and you shall recieve an answer if nothing else.

My life has calmed so much in the last few weeks. I recently moved and now live alone in a studio apartment. It’s adorable. I’ve lived alone one other time when I was 21 but I was different then. More … Continue reading

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I have an appointment with my psych in 20 minutes. I’m waiting outside in my car. I’m nervous. I stopped taking medicine the last two months and have been using cbd as needed for sleep and anxiety. I feel natural … Continue reading

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I am more than enough.

I have “I am enough” written on all my mirrors, for the last 9 months or so, to train my thoughts to be more positive. Today while unpacking I noticed that my brother had added to it. Means so much … Continue reading

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I feel bars on my heart How does it start Puzzles that don’t exist Stay up late to solve them all My mind becomes a prison Reaching out is hard So I push away  Let the emotions eat at me … Continue reading

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